The RING Team is very happy to announce the new RINGMesh Release (4.0.0).

New features:

  • Support c++ 11
  • Abstract mesh classes to use your own mesh data structures instead of the default one
  • Export for the ADELI simulator
  • Export for the ABAQUS simulator
  • AABB tree are available on all Mesh Entities
  • RINGMeshView (for GeoModel visualization) has now intuitive menus to display what you want

The sources are available on BitBucket

Major change:

  • Add support of 2D GeoModel:
    • User can use GeoModel2D and GeoModel3D, they follow the same boundary representation design as before
    • Meshes can be defined using only 2 coordinates

What is new in RINGMesh 4.1.0 ?

 New Features:

  •  New thread safe logger:
    • Each call to Logger::XXX will output consistently in the console in multithreading environment.
    • The Logger uses variadic templates, you can use as many parameters as you want in the function.
  • Add possibility to run specific validity check on GeoModels (topology, geometry, all, ...)
  • ASCII surface STL export
  • First implementation of a stratigraphic column
  • Add Feflow export using .fem file. Support wells as discrete fractures and mixed element mesh. 
  • Add symmetric entity relationships management, an entity is the boundary of another entity and the reverse is automatically set. Same things for the parents/child relations.
  • New version of the .gm file format which not contains the GEOL_FEATURE on Mesh Entities anymore.
  • Export to gmsh file format (V2).
  • Add MeshSet, a mesh composed from all the other mesh types (PointSet, Line, Surface and Volume).

RINGMesh is Growing....

The second release of RINGMesh is available.

logo ringmesh smallWe are proud to announce the first release of our new project: RINGMesh