Paul Cupillard

I am an associate professor at University of Lorraine within the GeoRessources laboratory. My research focuses on the numerical simulation and inversion of seismic waveforms, including seismic noise correlations. Please find my CV here.
If interested by a numerical tool based on the spectral element method for propagating seismic waves, check RegSEM.

Contact Information

E-Mail :This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Phone number:+33 (0)3 83 59 64 84
ENSG office number:G208

Main Publications


Andreas Fichtner and Jeannot Trampert and Paul Cupillard and Erdinc Saygin and Tuncay Taymaz and Yann Capdeville and Antonio Villasenor.
in: Geophys. J. Int., 194 (534-556)
Andreas Fichtner and Erdinc Saygin and Tuncay Taymaz and Paul Cupillard and Yann Capdeville and Jeannot Trampert.
in: Earth Planet. Sci. Lett., 373 (109-117)


Paul Cupillard and E. Delavaud and G. Burgos and G. Festa and J. P. Vilotte and Yann Capdeville and J. -P. Montagner.
in: Geophys. J. Int., 188 (1203-1220)


Paul Cupillard and L. Stehly and B. Romanowicz.
in: Geophys. J. Int., 183 (1397-1414)



J. Ritsema and Paul Cupillard and B. Tauzin and W. Xu and L. Stixrude and C. Lithgow-Bertelloni.
in: Geology, 37 (363-366)



E. Delavaud and Paul Cupillard and G. Festa and J. P. Vilotte.
in: Proc. of the Third International Symposium on the Effects of Surface Geology on Seismic Motion, pages 515-522