A seminar by:  Gautier Laurent at ENSG, Nancy, room G201

On: Friday, 3rd of March, 1:00 pm.

With the MXSim project supported by the Labex R21, we have just started a new stage in the process of integrating  fluid-rock interactions in the realm of RING and GeoRessources modelling capabilities. During this seminar, we'll talk about connecting Thermo/Hydro/Mecha/Chemical (THMC) simulations in our modelling framework, with a particular focus on coupling USGS's PhreeqC with Gocad. I'll explain what coupling these two codes involves and show some example of what is already possible within the freshly created MXSim gocad plugin. More generally, I'll propose a reflection upon modelling scenarios where solving scientific questions requires both complex subsurface characterisation and reactive transport simulations.
This seminar will also hopefully trigger a discussion about the future of coupling (gocad|ringmesh)-based data structures with THMC simulators. All in all, this seminar addresses both numerical developers and geologists interested in fluid-rock interactions, so please don't hesitate to join and share your brightest (or darkest) wishes (of course related to fluid-rock-structure interaction)