A seminar by:  Nicolas Clausolles at ENSG, Nancy, room G201

On: Friday, 17th of February, 1:00 pm.

Because a 25 year old four-eyes bald programmer is not sexy, you should avoid as much trouble as you can to yourself and other programmers when coding. Clean code is the art of writing a code that is: i) easy to understand (for both other programmers and you a couple of weeks after having written it), ii) easy to debug, and iii) easy to modify/improve.
In this seminar, we will explore some ideas about how to write clean codes, and most of all how to avoid leaving ugly codes to your fellows. Your programming skills do not matter, it is all about your willing and good practices !
This seminar is mainly based on Robert C. Martin's book, Clean Code, and Arnaud Botella's seminar, Ideas to write clean code (2016, wiki)