A seminar by:  Pierre Anquez at ENSG, Nancy, room G201

On: Friday, 27th of January, 1:00 pm.

In geomodeling, a sealed geological model is needed to partition the subsurface in several watertight rock volumes by interpreted structural geometries.This geological boundary representation can then be used as input for meshing, then flow and geomechanical modeling. However, it is still difficult to easily generate sealed geological models. Whether geomodels are created using implicit surfaces or explicit surfaces, small gaps and/or overlaps may exist between surfaces preventing the generation of volumetric meshes. There is also a need for geomodel simplification such as small feature removal to avoid the generation of 3D mesh with a poor quality. In this talk, I will try to answer to the following questions. How to automatically repair a geomodel with inconsistencies? How to simplify a geomodel to help further unstructured 3D meshing? In this respect, I will present the method I am developing to solve these issues and some first results.