A seminar by:  Antoine Mazuyer at ENSG, Nancy, room G201

On: Friday, 9th of December, 1:00 pm.

We open the path to the absolute value of the stress by proposing an integrated method to estimate such a value in reservoirs and overburden before oil and gas production. The computed stress is constrained by wellbore data using an inverse approach. Assuming that the mechanical behavior is linear elastic, we perturb the boundary conditions to produce an admissible (i.e. satisfying the equilibrium equations) stress states. Misfit between stress computation and wellbore data minimization is done using CMA-ES, an evolutionary algorithm suitable for ill-conditionned problem. We validate and test the behaviour of our method through a synthetic case. I have worked on this synthetic case the previous months to run very fast inversion using a quadratic mesh with a beautiful mesh !